Around the Corner – First Weekends in the Bay Area

Here comes the sun (doo doo doo doo),
Here comes the sun, and I say
It’s time to drive

As we come into May we’re finally getting some solid days of sun. Jackets are getting hung and car covers are getting rolled up. And, seeing as it’s the first weekend of the month, there’s going to be some good car centric events to check out if the weather should hold.

For the early risers, there’s the EASY Air-cooled Porsche meet in Emeryville. The coffee shops will have only been open a couple hours when this one is in full swing. While the cars are constantly rotating in and out, it’s great to show up early enough to see the whole range of styles and personalities that roll through.

I’ve talked more about this meet on a previous post, so I’ll buzz through really quickly with some of my favorite sights from my most recent attendance.

There’s always one car that inspires me to take the lens cap off my camera, and this time it was this E500. Long before people could walk up to a Mercedes parts counter and buy an AMG badge, the only way to show you bought the most athletic E-Class was to stand on the loud pedal. Only then could your victims view the car from behind, and get a good look at those flexed fenders and the wider wheels barely contained within them.

Interiors of all cars from the 50’s and 60’s have such amazing detail. While relatively simple, the old painted surfaces, use of wood, and the color palettes have such a warm, beautiful look to them. I spend a massive amount of time just enjoying their essence.

The last for the EASY meet will be a shot of this 356 rear quarter glass. My favorite thing about most of these cars is that they get driven. The only issue I have with this particular car is my insane jealousy in seeing all of the classic rallies this car and its driver have partaken in. The California Melee and Faultline 500 are definitely on my bucket-list of events. I really need to find something classic that I can take along!

This next event is also for the early risers. Come any later than 10AM and you won’t find a space, or will only be in time to watch the roll out at the end.

The Blackhawk Cars & Coffee is another one of those great events that really shows off the diversity of car culture in the Bay Area. The first Sunday of the month sees every kind of car (or other) enthusiast imaginable park up a stones throw away from the Blackhawk Automotive Museum to munch on some donuts, drink coffee, and share stories.

Another interior to share. Just look at it. I absolutely love red interiors, and combined with white accents and the chrome throughout this looks like one of the best rides to cruise in. One rule though: no new blue jeans.

Being in the Bay Area means risking becoming desensitized to cool cars. When you see 458 Italias whiz by you on the morning commute, your neck-snap moments turn into half hearted eyebrow raises as you stay buried in your phone (on the bus, hang up and drive y’all). But how can you ignore a trio of DMC-12s? You can’t. I probably stood here for five minutes trying to get a clear shot of all three together.

Which is way more time than it took me to grab a shot of this movie duo. One glance and I can hear Shifting Gears playing, just before the Charger tears off into the distance. The rear plate of this Mustang had a frame that said “Steve Who?” which cracked me up for a while.

Last sight here will be this Barracuda. There was a sad one awaiting engine work parked up at a shop I apprenticed for in high school. This one is in much better condition. You never see any Barracudas compared to the pony car that stole the spotlight just weeks after the Plymouth was introduced. Perhaps that means they’re more affordable projects, but you’d have to find one first…


These are only two of the many car meets coming together this weekend. If there’s any you suggest I check out, post up!

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