Craigslist Surfing – Quick Picks V3

For some of us Friday means payday. Payday might mean going out tonight, it might mean paying the bills, or it might mean browsing the internet for your next project.

That said, you’d think every day was payday with how often I do the last one.

Let’s see what we’ve found this week!

The Fun One – 1977 Fiat X1/9

Image Courtesy: Craigslist

Looking pretty in that combo of dangerously brown on brown, this Fiat presents as if it’s ready to hit the backroads immediately out of its Scotts Valley location. I’m probably jinxing myself here, but the X1/9 seems almost criminally undervalued these days. How long will it be before this targa-topped runabout sees some appreciation? Hopefully not before I get my hands on one…

The Practical One – 1979 Toyota Celica

Image Courtesy: Craigslist

Practical-ish, that is. A friend of mine first sent this to me a while ago, and I immediately dismissed it as I do most Celicas that aren’t first generation Liftbacks or All-Tracs. But the more I pass by this listing the more I warm up to it. With a good sized hatch and what appear to be usable rear seats, this could turn into an interesting project. The imaginary me with more money than sense would find a hot 18R-G to replace the truck-ish, shoulder shurg of a sports car powerplant 20R (seriously, emissions laws were rough on these cars). Sweet induction noise plus room for [height challenged] friends and their stuff? Sounds good to me.

The ‘Huh, well that looks cool’ One – 1975 Rotary Powered Porsche 914

Image Courtesy: Craigslist

Today’s Craigslist Curiosity: How can you post a Rotary powered, mid-engined car for sale and NOT include images of the engine bay? Perhaps that will have changed by the time you read this, but the only reason why I clicked on the listing was the inclusion of “‘Rotary power”‘Wow!! 13b” in the heading. A friend of mine considered converting his AW11 MR2 to Dorito Power, but it never progressed further than a half joke. I suppose the orientation of the transaxle in the 914 would make situating the motor easier, but I can barely think about that when the seller of this car neglected to show it. I almost want to call just to take better photos for them.

The surfing continues!

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