Around the Corner – Bay Area 02 Swap and Show ’17

When you’re the car guy at work, coworkers often feel free to share their enthusiasm with you. Like that dude Jeremey who sits four cubicles down. One day you’ll be at the water cooler at the same time and he’ll give you the ‘sup homie’ nod.

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Craigslist Surfing – Quick Picks V2

Being constantly connected to the internet, whether through my phone, my desktop, my laptop, or my Gameboy SP (takes a while to connect…) is as dangerous to my wallet as leaving your unlocked phone around friends is dangerous to your Tinder profile.

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A View to a Car – BMW Films: The Escape

It’s been fifteen years since the debut of The Hire, a series of short films featuring BMW’s product line. On the surface it’s a group of shorts centered around a wheelman (played by Clive Owen) who happens to favor Bavarian sports-cars. But a closer look reveals twisting plots, well choreographed stunts, and production value not seen in many feature length films.

BMW’s product has changed quite a bit since 2001, but that doesn’t ruin this video’s focus on it. I didn’t quite have my license when the original series was released, but it certainly brought the brand to the front of my mind. And while I haven’t been taken with what’s on dealer lots lately, maybe BMW Films can rekindle that interest with this new set coming out. Be sure to set aside a good ten minutes for The Escape, and use fullscreen!

(If you somehow missed The Hire, you owe it to yourself to see all of them. You don’t have to be a BMW aficionado to appreciate a good car vid, of which these all are.)

A History of Vehicles – ’89 BMW 325i

Finally, my fourth E30 but now my first 325i. Up until this point my E30s had been of the high torque but low revving “e” or “eta” version. Another late night Craigslist session brought me upon this car. It was posted locally, had a ton of miles, and a couple choice modifications.

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A History of Vehicles – ’87 BMW 325

Funny enough, it hasn’t been by intention or typo that the majority of my BMWs have been from 1987. Just really, really consistent coincidence.

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A History of Vehicles – ’87 BMW 325es

Rose tinted spectacles. Or maybe beer goggles, except it was more excitement than alcohol that blocked my inhibitions from saving me from this pile.

Best photo I have of this thing, by virtue of being parked next to something non-crappy.

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A History of Vehicles – ’87 BMW 535is

On day one of owning this car I pitched it sideways in the rain, intentionally, something I hadn’t been able to do in the E36 without spinning it. On day six the driveshaft did its best claymore impression while I was trying to show off.

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A History of Vehicles – ’96 BMW 318ti

My previous car had been making noises I was afraid to confront, so I decided that replacing it with something newer but in the family would be good. This E36/5 (funky non-butt having hatchback 3 Series, US Market 95-99) was actually very similar to my now departed E30 in that they shared rear suspension design.

Change? Yuck.

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A History of Vehicles – ’87 BMW 325e

While I was in middle school my father had a two door 1985 BMW 318i. It cemented itself as one of the cooler vehicles I rode around in as a child. In the final months of my Volvo ownership, I began lusting after an E30 (US Market 1984-92 3 Series) of my own. Instead of being a good boy and holding onto my tax return to hold me over between jobs, I went out and bought a clapped out pile of Germanity for less than most people’s insurance premiums. The silliness continued.

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