Spotted – Dodge Viper ACR

Like many other Americans I’ve spent the lead up to November 8th pouring over my Sample Ballot and Voter’s Guide, along with the various special interest junk that’s been clogging my mailbox. For the most part, I’ve also been shaking my head at the mess that is this year’s election.



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A View to a Car – Dajibans at Ebisu

Say Van to someone in the U.S. and most folks would picture Stanley Steemer commercials, Chris Farley, or awkward church retreats. And while I love the idea of large vehicles being thrashed for fun, my imagination usually stops at big sedans.

As shared by NoriYaro, the Japanese have no such lack of imagination.

Tow rigs for track toys aren’t rare in the U.S., but it isn’t often you see them joining the grid for hot laps. Some of these Dodge vans (Dajiban to the locals) actually look pretty sweet with their slightly lowered stance, blacked out hoods, and oddly appropriate looking Watanabe wheels.

I doubt we’d be allowed to enjoy something like that on our tracks, but it sure does look fun!