Quick Spin – ’83 Audi ur-Quattro

The road snakes this way and that, hoping to outrun you on the next bend. It changes direction, comes up and down, tightens radius to the right and sharply snaps to the left in a rising hairpin. Trees fillet the sunlight, playing tricks as to if the road surface is damp or merely shaded. There’s a smattering of fallen leaves leading up to a blind crest; it might be followed by a long straight, a break in the trees, or a gravel filled sweeper.

How better to get acquainted with such a car?


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Honorable Mention – ’06 Subaru Impreza WRX STi

Introducing Honorable Mentions. Cars that I haven’t owned, but feel strongly enough to write forever for.

We all have our preferences.

For me that means a lightweight, rear-wheel drive, balanced, naturally aspirated roadster or coupe. Over time my ownership experiences have narrowed down what I desire in a car. However, there’s an infinite variance in taste out there, so inevitably people I’ve befriended have preferences different from my own.


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