A History of Vehicles – ’03 Toyota MR2 Spyder

If it hasn’t become obvious by now, I want to drive everything. Or at least everything that interests me.

I took zero good photos of this car. But you’re not here for pics anyways, right?

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Craigslist Surfing – Quick Picks V3

For some of us Friday means payday. Payday might mean going out tonight, it might mean paying the bills, or it might mean browsing the internet for your next project.

That said, you’d think every day was payday with how often I do the last one.

Let’s see what we’ve found this week!

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Around the Corner – NorCal’s Old School Import Meet April ’17

Car season is nearly upon us! The days are getting longer, the nights are getting warmer, and it seems the roads that have survived this winter’s deluge are clean enough to explore again.

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50 Years On – Still Here

Once upon a time the majority of new cars had these funny things called carburetors, devices that would dump into a motor some guesstimated amount of leaded fuel that would mostly combust before being ushered through the catless exhaust and into the lungs of the guy behind you. During this time those fancy automatic transmissions were a dammed expensive option, so the car in your driveway most likely had four speeds that required you to work three pedals to direct drive to the rear two wheels. During this time, also referred to as the Mid-Sixties, that driveway might have been occupied by that sweet, new Rambler powered by a 290ci ‘Typhoon’ V8. Or maybe you wanted to be a little different and parked-up a nice Barracuda with a more sedate but adequate Slant-6.

Or…maybe you went with one of them there foreign jobbies.


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Spotted – Toyota Corona

I’ve always had a leaning toward older cars. As a kid I drooled over the FD RX-7, Corvette ZR-1, and E36 M3 that were then new. But I’d have equal, if not more enthusiasm for the odd Audi 4000Q, Nissan Maxima (4 Door Sports Car!), or even the humble Toyota Corona.


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A History of Vehicles – ’87 Toyota MR2

I had wanted one for the longest time. During an apprenticeship in high school, I would constantly drool over a bronze AW11 (MR2, 84-89) that sat in the corner of the shop’s lot. It was such a peculiar thing, being nearly the same bronze as the E30 my father had, having the same engine as the AE86 in Initial D, and generally being a Toyota that seemed so far removed from the rest of their product line.

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